WATCH out!!! (Part 1)

By Richard Maloof

With style and image always high on my priority list, I wanted to challenge myself with an easy fashion task. I decided to add a casual watch to my accessory collection thinking this would be an easy in and out purchase … ummm?? Seriously, what has happened since I have been away? I really didn’t go anywhere; I just started using my iPhone as my watch, alarm and pretty much for everything else that is time or date related.

I started my search at my go-to store, Nordstrom, and I was amazed at what I saw. Question? Who screwed up the world of watches, rappers or women? I knew that this was going to be a casual watch so in my mind I narrowed the strap material to leather, nylon or rubber. As I started to browse the glass cases and view all of the various styles, colors and features, something felt so different. I quickly realized that I needed to wrap my head around which watches were for men, women or just unisex first.

I have noticed the obvious trend of women wearing men’s sized watches forcing men into wearing coffee saucer sized faced watches. I understand men feeling that their watches need to be bigger and more masculine, but this is out of control. Honestly, I get the rapper blinged out watch look because its kind of a status “I made it” symbol. I just do not see how this carries over to guys that drive Camry’s. I think that the face sizes on men’s watches have reached a serious cheese level. I mean really, some of these watches are one size away from looking like Flavor Flavs clock necklace. I accept the fact that my casual watch will be larger than watches I have had in the past, but it will not exceed the circumference of a Venti lid at Starbucks!

So the search continues …