HEY … “That Guy” (Friday Blog Series)

By Richard Maloof

The HEY … “That Guy” blog series will be light reading and give you a little something to laugh at before the weekend.

Today started out like most typical Friday’s, coffee and a good workout. I always enjoy getting up extremely early before what seems to be the rest of the world.

The one place where I do not love to people watch is the gym, and let me clarify. I like to focus on my workout and if I am distracted by something, that means someone is being  “That Guy!”

I understand that every time I walk into the gym, the percentages of me running into “That Guy,” increases greatly! The one big reason why I work out early in the morning is because “That Guy” gym hours are usually between 4:30pm-7:30pm. “That Guy” is well aware that the after-work crowd is usually made up of more singles.

It is arm day; I like to go to the gym often so I can isolate muscle groups allowing me to finish in 30min. As I am trying to get into my zone, the first 5 minutes are spent just getting loose, I notice something out of the corner of my eye.  The squat machine is shaking and “That Guy” is in full training mode for what clearly is his scheduled appointment with Mount Everest next week.

I can appreciate a hard training session but the part of this workout that gets me is his gear! I notice his feet shoes or what one company calls, fivefingers. They appear to be a cross between aqua socks and those weird Christmas socks with a slot for each toe, so awkward. I understand the theory behind them but the creepiness factor far outweighs the benefits to me, just save the money and wear flip-flops tough guy.

HEY … “That Guy” (Weird Feet Sock Shoe Guy)