About Richard

Richard Maloof’s biggest investment is in helping one achieve the perfect image. He knows that proper grooming speaks volumes about personal confidence. Richard, author of DETAILED: A Complete Man’s Guide to Personal Grooming, has a knack for applying simple grooming and style rules and is an expert on self-image and presentation.

Born in Staten Island, Richard started his career in advertising. He spent the next 12 years climbing the ladder to become a successful ad executive and marketing coach. While in the advertising industry he realized how much image mattered and saw more and more men struggling to apply this to their grooming habits. Being meticulous by nature, Richard wanted to help those around him with their style and self-confidence. He left advertising to write on the subject and published his first book, DETAILED: A Complete Man’s Guide to Personal Grooming, in June of 2012.

Detailed is an essential foundation of practical recommendations for men’s grooming. It helps men that want to look and feel their best learn the simple but often times unknown rules to a better lifestyle image. He focused on men’s grooming first because he found a lack of information currently available. With personal stories mixed in between grooming tips, Richard says, “DETAILED explains my evolution into the world of grooming with funny stories from my childhood and young adult years, that I think a lot of guys will be able to relate to.”

Richard’s ease of self-confidence makes him a natural in a variety of fields. In addition to being a published author, Richard consults on wardrobe styling for professional photo shoots and styles clients looking for a professional opinion or a change in their attire. He has also been featured as a model in various print publications and on E! Entertainment. He lives in Los Angeles and donates his spare time to his workshop series, “Our Children’s Voice”, that host’s self-confidence workshops and programs for pre-teens and their parents to learn to work together for a brighter future. Maloof not only inspires men and women to look and feel their best but also has a passion for molding our younger generation into extraordinary, compassionate leaders.