Image Consulting Services / Personal Shopping

Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Service for Men and Women

This service is an in house wardrobe analysis that provides the client with recommendations of items that need to be enhanced, or replaced. I will start by looking into the clients clothing rotation to help get a feel for his/her casual, and/or business presentation. Together we will define pieces that are appropriate for their ideal style, and then help create outfits within those pieces, or enhance them with new pieces and accessories.

I highly recommend the first trip be completed together, so I can get a good idea of how certain brands and cuts fit. As an on-going service, and depending on the client’s preference, it can transition into a personal shopper scenario. The client will determine the budget, and at that point I will decide which stores will be most appropriate. I will help each client get the most from any budget, with the focus being on achieving a complete look, while making it an easy, fun experience.

This process will allow the client to develop a style that is perfect for them, by identifying looks that help them look and feel their best. This is done with honest feedback, and a professional eye on detail.


The grooming service provides the client with suggestions on how to improve their look by enhancing their grooming habits. This is accomplished by recommending what kind of services to have performed like hair, nails, and waxing. I will also inventory what products the client is currently using, from hair and skin care products, to shaving cream and razors. I will make recommendations based on hair texture and skin type and what I think would be a more beneficial product mix.

Special Events / Photo Shoot Stylist / Self-Image 

Clients can also get recommendations on attire for special events, photo shoots, and advice on creating a confident self image & improving their lifestyle.


  • The experience will be billed at an hourly rate of $75 (HOLIDAY SPECIAL $50)
  • Initial consultations are conducted in home or remote location.
  • All appointments are 100% budget driven by client’s comfort level

Contact or 858.335.3703