PPJ … Seriously Stop

So it was a typical morning starting with my workout then the observation post better known as my coffee shop. The morning is the only time where the temperature is bearable enough to enjoy cappuccino while sitting outside.

As I was sipping and checking emails on my phone, I noticed a couple walk past on their way to order. I only caught a brief glimpse but it was enough to startle me into curiosity … so I waited. The sitting and ordering area face the same direction so you cannot see everyone until they go to the pick-up window, and knowing this I got ready.

With my sunglasses on, so I can people watch without being creepy, I was about to take another sip of that morning goodness when it happened … I was not ready. I am a believer in fashion first then comfort and/or both equally if you are lucky … please see high heels!! But extreme comfort with zero fashion or self-awareness … ummmm huh?

What I witnessed hurt and possibly scarred me and the belief that we as a society may have given up. The un-showered, un-groomed, un-aware dynamic duo had pajama’s on … WT … At what point did someone say that it was ok to wear your PJ’s in Public? … I didn’t get that memo!

Not only was it awkward for me but the other coffee drinkers even took a double take. This is not a good look … and I am sure it’s comfortable and you think the little cartoon like figures on the cotton blend/cotton candy like material is HAHA … its blah!

I want to officially ban the waist ban PJ’s from Public … there are other ways to be comfortable without telling the world that you have officially given-up!

No more PPJ’s!