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BARNES & NOBLE!!! My Book Is Finally Live … :)

DETAILED The Complete Man’s Guide To Personal Grooming Please support my project and order your copy today … then write a review!!  Thanks again everyone!!

My Live “DETAILED” Book Radio Interview … Please Listen!

Richard Maloof Live “DETAILED” Book Radio Interview 1470 WMBD

RADIO 1470 WMBD: Richard Maloof Interviewed Live 8/17/12 @ 8:30am CST

PLEASE LISTEN TO MY LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW Here is a link for all of you out of state listeners, and for Peoria listeners, please tune to 1470!  

LUCKY TIGER: Grooming For Men (“DETAILED” Book Review)


Do’s and Don’ts on First Dates: Grooming/Attire

By: Richard Maloof Ok guys, here we go! I am going to write a few articles on some Do’s and Don’ts on first dates, from grooming/attire to conversations. I am not claiming to… Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts on First Dates:Grooming/Attire

My article: The Gents Blog! Do’s and Don’ts on First Dates:Grooming/Attire

HEY … “That Guy” (Friday Blog Series)

By Richard Maloof The HEY … “That Guy” blog series will be light reading and give you a little something to laugh at before the weekend. Today was one of those days where… Continue reading