Bad Haircuts TAKE FOREVER to Grow Out!

By: Richard Maloof

This is a very important topic for men, and one that I struggle with every day, walking around in public and seeing bad haircut after bad haircut. I don’t get it! If this is you, we can fix this! If you aren’t sure if this is you, that’s OK . . . keep reading!

Before I start giving you haircut advice, let me preface all of this by saying that I have had every haircut by decade: skater, flat top, mullet, highlights, shaved sides, perm . . . get my point? Know what you are trying to accomplish, don’t always depend on your hairstylist’s opinion on what looks good on you. Some know, some don’t, and some could care less. Having open communication with your stylist will get you both on the same page and take the guesswork out of it. Be open to what you discuss . . . it could be the beginning of a more stylish you!

Richard’s 5 Hair Cut Rules

  1. Get a hairstylist! If you are new to a city or don’t have one, ask around. If you see a guy with similar hair, ask him where he goes. I have asked and been asked; it’s a compliment both ways.
  2. Not every “in-style hairstyle” is for you! Just because David Beckham is rocking a new style that is shaved on all sides and long on the top, doesn’t mean that this works for every guy! He can pull off more daring styles because he is a professional athlete and really attractive.
  3. The factors! Men with good hair can still wear modern hairstyles. Unfortunately, many men try modern hairstyles without having the hair for it. You should take these factors in consideration: your age, profession, hair type and quantity and geographic location. Men living in big cities can be a little less conservative with the right head of hair.
  4. No barbers or any other place where flat screen TVs and girls in bikinis or referee outfits are the main draw. These are all ways of distracting you away from the bad haircut that is taking place on you!
  5. Balding hair looks better cut very tight. Growing it long in back (the mullet) to pull emphasis away from your balding top or, God forbid, the comb-over, is not acceptable. The only person you are fooling is yourself; people are laughing behind your back. I am telling you now—cut it tight. It looks cleaner and more attractive.