The “Douche” Rides! The Cars for “That Guy!”

by Richard Maloof

For those of you who know me personally, know I have always been fascinated with cars. My love of them is from an image perspective and a “work of art” point of view, not from an “I want to change the oil or rebuild the transmission” … get it?

Some of you are probably asking, “What does this have to do with fashion or image?”… ummm everything! No matter what the budget is, guys find a way to drive or douche up their cars. Please if anything on this list resonates please stop … just stop!

Here we go!

Richard’s 5 “Douche Rides”

  1. Anything Yellow!  I don’t care if it is a Scion or a Ferrari, it just screams douche! I am all about making a statement but not screaming at me, LOOK LOOK!
  2. The Replica Car! Seriously dude, if you have a Ferrari body kit on a Pontiac Fiero … you’re a douche!
  3. A Corvette! Ok, let me preface this. I am referring to the years of 1968 on. There is something that screams “THAT GUY” ….and just when I see one that I think is cool, I am blinded by the gold necklace hanging on the un-buttoned shirt dude driving it.
  4. Rims Or Stereo System That Cost More Than the Car! This actually makes me laugh and speaks volumes for douche driving. Come on man!
  5. If Your Car Sounds Like a Lamborghini but has less than 200 Horsepower! I was driving on the 405 the other day and heard this amazing scream. I started checking all of my mirrors because I knew the car rolling up on me was going to be amazing … WTF?! Here comes this douche in an old Honda CRX! This thing had a muffler the size of a F-15 jet engine, and was so loud it shook my car. The douche thing about this…. the car can’t even out race most lawn tractors! Come on man!