HEY … “That Guy” (New Friday Blog Series)

by Richard Maloof

Ok here we go! I am starting a new blog series every Friday called, HEY … “That Guy.” For those of you who don’t know who “That Guy” is, read my previous blogs to get a feel. There really is no cut and dry definition because “That Guy” can come in a variety of flavors. So, every Friday I will comment on an encounter with or comment on a “That Guy” trait.

The HEY … “That Guy” blog series will be light reading and give you a little something to laugh at before the weekend.

You Ready!

HEY … “That Guy” (The Gym Screamer)

I woke up today at 6:00am and started my day with my typical morning routine … coffee and then the gym. Depending where I am, the coffee of choice can vary, but today Starbucks got the call. I ordered my usual Triple Grande Latte and contemplated how energized I was to workout. I usually decide which body part I am going to workout based on this, I don’t want to do shoulders if I am dragging … make sense!?

I finished my latte and headed to the gym, triceps today. I put on my headphones and hit play; a few lyrics flowed from Kid Cudis mouth, then silence! Crap, I forgot to charge my iPod. I had to push forward without it and start my tricep workout so I could get out of there by a decent time. After about 10 minutes I was feeling pretty good and focused and then it started!

As the tricep bar came down, I heard what sounded at the time to be someone getting bludgeoned with a sharp object. As I turned around in fear of what I would see, it was “That Guy,” screaming to complete his first set of benching. Now let’s give him credit, he was putting up 135 … WTF!? Really dude! This is one of the most annoying of all “That Guys” because he is so freaking distracting when you are trying to stay focused.

HEY … “That Guy” (The Gym Screamer) you suck!