Men’s Capris: Don’t … Seriously Just DON’T!

by: Richard Maloof

I woke up the other day and decided to head down to WEHO to one of my favorite coffee shops. This coffee shop serves one of the best cappuccinos in LA, but the people watching is awesome!

This is a coffee shop that on any given day you can see Kiefer Sutherland or a bunch of other familiar faces that make you rack your brain for the answer to, “what movie were they in?” The problem with a place like that is you will have to take the good with the bad! … ummm what?  Yes, LA is good for two things, seeing famous people and seeing all of the people who are “posing” as famous people.

Ok I digress! When I am in a place like this, people watching goes to a new level, and I have a special gift/curse to notice everything. I arrive around ten and set up my laptop, plug in my headphones and here we go. As the crowd builds I notice, on this warmer than usual day, an influx of MEN’S CAPRIS … WTF?! Men reading, if you do not know what these are, go into your girlfriend or wife’s closet and look for something in between the pants and shorts!

Ok, I have been known to get a little courageous with fashion, but this is just not going to happen! I am truly ok with leaving capris to women, and even then I am against it unless they are fitted and you have amazing calves! …  I will cover that topic in another blog.

Guys, I am going to be honest, you cannot pull them off! I do not care how good looking or buff you are, they do not work! The only exception I will make for men’s capris, if you are trying to look a little sassy and feminine on Santa Monica Blvd with optional shirt.

I think men’s capris are very feminine and just do not represent the best you. Pants or shorts that lay right above the knee, great, but the almost shorts that are not quite pants … come on man!

Bottom line, no capris on men! We have to leave a few things to women! On a side note this was not paid for by the “keep capris from being unisex coalition, but it should have been!”