HEALTH on TODAY article: You really can judge people by their shoes


In the article Cari Nierenberg gives us a great cliff notes version of the the study that will appear in the August issue of the Journal of Research in Personality. Lucky for most of us because we probably would be lost after paragraph one. I have always thought that shoes spoke volumes about someone and now there is research to back it up. You would think some of it is pretty obvious … right? I mean if I saw someone in Gucci loafers, I would assume they had $500 to let loose on some shoes and then I would equate that to a certain income demographic. The study also states that it can determine if someone is a “stage 5 clinger” that I found interesting and questionable … but now I am really curious! They most definitely would have found a  flaw in the research is if they would have interviewed my best friend! Most of his shoes are my retired pairs that I gave to him … and we are exact opposites. Actually if they picked a pair of shoes for his personality they would have recommended he go barefoot … he is a caveman!

So lets take a step back to a previous post … Listen up Men! Women have a check list of things they look at on a guy and here they are in no particular order … pay attention! 

  1. Shoes
  2. Hands
  3. Eyes
  4. Teeth

See!! I’m telling you … women already have had this research down and have been using it for years!! … Ok I will give you some tips

Richard’s 5 “Shoe” Rules:

  1. No Flip-Flops! Don’t EVEN get me started!
  2. No Sockless dress shoes! Let me clarify … there are definitely some shoes that are cool sockless … I even rock this look once in awhile. What I am talking about the “Sunday Starbucks Guy who is sockless in a pair of dress shoes with tassels” … come on man!
  3. Own Dress Shoes with Leather Soles! I see so many men in suits with rubber soled shoes … really?! NOT OK!!!
  4. Limit the Color White! White gets dirty fast and can make shoes look older quickly! … Apply my Tighty Whities theory to shoes also.
  5. Own it but DON’T Overdue it! Own your own personal style that is true to who you are but dont be “that guy!” I’m sorry … but the reality is that not all guys can pull off the same shoes. EXAMPLE: when I lived in Texas I saw a lot of guys who could rock “REAL” cowboy boots and it looked cool … TRUST ME not everyone can pull this off … so DONT TRY!

~ Richard Maloof