“Yes, she’s looking, and yes, she cares”

The author Sarah Miller gives a few DO’S and DON’TS on underwear. She touches on a few good points but I also disagree with her on some. Sarah’s summation of men and their underwear is addressing the stereotypical male … “plainly styled, subtly patterned, clean.” Really?? Me wash body, face and hair with one product … me watch football and use chainsaw!! Come on Sarah we are a little more developed in 2012! … don’t let me down men!

Richard’s 5 “Underwear” Rules:

  1. Buy Boxer Briefs! Tighty Whities or boxers are terrible. Tighty Whities look like you are clueless and buy your underwear in bundles of 12 from SAM’s. They show all debris left over from improper wiping and just overall raise questions about your sex life. Boxers just are kind of weird feeling and really don’t support your junk. They can ride up on you and you will find yourself tucking them down your leg into your jeans. The overall deal breaker is the extra dripping down your leg after urinating!
  2. Don’t Buy White! For the same reason as explained above. I don’t care if they are boxer briefs, don’t buy white!
  3. Stick to Solid Colors! Getting too creative with stripes can look like you are trying a little too hard. Buying solids for you single guy’s is key, also in case you end up with the same partner days later, you don’t want to get caught wearing the same pair … even if they are clean!
  4. Watch The Advertising! If you are going to wear CK, DIESEL or any other kind with the name plastered on the front of the waistband, make it subtle. It can be cool or cheesy! CK makes so many different variations of their waistband logo, less in your face is better.
  5. Get the Correct Size! Boxer Briefs become boxers if you get the wrong size! They are meant to be fitted and there are a lot of variations in materials. I prefer Pro Stretch from CK, they fit amazing, are really comfortable and the logo is not over the top!

~ Richard Maloof