Top 10 article: Habits That Let You Meet Women

  1. Never Hesitate
  2. Find Causes That You Care About And Volunteer
  3. Offer Help and Be Courteous
  4. Use Dating Sites And Social Media To Fill Up Your Calendar
  5. Groom
  6. Introduce Yourself
  7. Remember Stories/Discussions That Resonate
  8. Hit The Gym
  9. Sign Up For Classes
  10. Plan Your Weekend Social Activities Mid-Week
The author John Skindzier hits a few good, yet obvious points … but I will stick to my “Richard’s 5 Rules” format. Here are my thoughts of things to do to meet women.
  1. Change up your habits! If you go to the same places all of the time and you are not meeting or seeing any women that you would like to ask out, then try a new routine. If you are going to the same coffee shop everyday and “the one” has yet to walk in … try a new coffee shop! Apply this theory to grocery stores, Happy Hour spots, etc…
  2. Dress and Groom! If you are stuck in a cubicle all of the time and the only chance you get to be free is the weekends then make them count! This is not the time to be the “Sweat pant wearing, no shower, baseball cap, flip-flops, weekend Starbucks guy!” Be ready when she walks in the door … you might not see her again!
  3. Sunday Brunch! Every decent size city has a Sunday brunch that is going on and packed with singles. Everyone will be drinking bottomless Mimosa’s and having a great time. This is always a great scene!
  4. Online Dating! This concept has really come a long way and really is legit. Listen, I am talking services like Match, eHarmony, etc … NOT the Chris Hanson “To Catch a Predator” chat room crap! People are busy and don’t have time to hang at bars or they are past that stage in their life … so this can be a great solution.
  5. Be Confident! Put out great energy and women will be attracted to you. If you like who you are, then own it! If not, work at those insecurities because they will be obvious in a social setting. DO NOT be a Douche! Fake confidence is just you over compensating. I call this phenomenon “That Guy!” We all have seen or  know “That Guy.” You know the “Loud Cell Phone Guy” who is always closing the biggest deal ever! I don’t want to hear your stupid shit and I definitely don’t want to stare at your Ed Hardy shirt. I will touch on this a lot in my posts.
Ok men … here are my “Richard’s 5 Rules” … start now!