Top 10 article: Proven Ways To Flatter Your Face

  1. Wear Colors That Complement Your Eyes
  2. Use Facial Hair To Define A Round Face
  3. Sport Fronts If You Have An Oblong Face
  4. Wear Sunglasses With A Bold Brow Bar If Your Face Is Round
  5. Ramp Up Cardio
  6. Grow Beard To Make Small Chin More Masculine
  7. Minimize A Big Nose With Off Center Part
  8. Get A Tan
  9. Opt For Classic Sideburns
  10. Minimize Large Ears With A HairstyleThat Grazes Over Them

Farah Averill is the author of this article and I think actually gives some lack luster advice. I know they do everything in “Top 10” format so she was probably struggling a little to think of good suggestions.

I will stick to my “Richard’s 5 Rules” format. So here are my thoughts of things to do to flatter your face …

  1. Get A Facial! Healthy Skin Is Very Flattering And Good For You. An Exfoliating Facial With Extractions Or A Hydrating Facial Depending On The Condition Of Your Skin Is A Great Start. Ask Your Esthetician What They Would Recommend Based On Your Skin Type.
  2. Get A Good Haircut! See My Golden Rules In My Book “DETAILED.” I Talk About The Shape Of Your Face And Recommend Tips On How to Go About Finding The Best Haircut.
  3. Facial Hair Can Change Your Look … Just Don’t Be Douchie About It! Keep It Cleaned Up And Don’t Just Let It Go Like The “I Am So Free With The World Guy”
  4. Handle Your Grill! You Can Be Brad Pitt But If Your Teeth Look Like You Have Been Chewing On Wood Or If They Are The Color Of Butter … You Need To Handle it!
  5. Work Out / Diet! Lifting Weights And A Good Diet Can Alter Your Face Structure By Leaning It Down, This Will Add Shape … Do This it Works!